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The Project
This is the statement on the CloudNFV project from the website at the time of the launch, amended to remove obsolete links:

CloudNFV was started as a response to the initial industry Call For Action issued by 10 global network operators in the fall of 2012.  It was this Call for Action that generated the ETSI Industry Specification Group.  Tom Nolle of CIMI Corporation responded to the operators and
 proposed that there were two critical steps needed to optimally advance the goals of network functions virtualization.  One was a presumption that cloud infrastructure would be the platform for NFV, and the other was that prototyping should begin as soon as possible to insure that actual implementations emerged and could be used to test assumptions during the standardization process.

Tom worked on the architecture through the winter, and in April of 2013 at the NFV ISG meeting, he collected a group of vendors who collectively filled all of the functional requirements of the architecture with best-of-breed strategies and who were willing to commit their companies to the ambitious task of prototyping something as comprehensive as NFV even as the actual work on the standards was still proceeding. You can meet this team on the new project website.   The  group began cooperative work immediately, and basic development was completed in August 2013.  This was the point at which we decided that we would go public with our architecture and our founding members, and at the same time publish our policies for integration.

The following documents are available from the original project:

  • A descriptive brochure can be obtained HERE
  • White paper is available HERE
  • Integration Guide can be downloaded HERE

We have no current link to a CloudNFV project website; for information on the project and participants please contact the company and people below:

For 6WIND, please contact Kelly Leblanc.

For CIMI Corp, please direct all inquiries to 
 Tom Nolle

For Dell, direct all inquiries to Wenjing Chu 

For EnterpriseWeb, direct all inquiries to
 Dave Duggal

For Overture, direct all inquiries to Mark Durrett   

For Qosmos, please direct all inquiries to
 David Le Goff

For Metaswitch, please direct all inquiries to
 Phil Harvey

For Mellanox, plese direct inquiries to 
Eran Bello

For Shenick, direct all inquiries to 
Ameet Dhillon